CO2 - Reconditioned - Steel - 7 lb Tank

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CO2 - Reconditioned - Steel - 7 lb Tank

Best value in CO2 storage!  

This tank is a very popular item.

This tank is made from high strength steel and is rated at 2015 psi service pressure. It holds 7 lbs of CO2 and includes a new CGA 320 valve. Finished with rust resistant grey paint and a white dome.  Flat bottom, re-certified with fresh hydro-test date within 6 months but more typically 60 - 90 days.

Measures 4" diameter x 29 3/4" tall with valve.   Siphon tubes can not be installed into this particular tank.  

Ships empty - you must have filled.  Because it's an uncommon size make sure to inform your filler of it's 7 lb capacity.  All of our reconditioned tanks including this one are recertified by one of the country's leading DOT recertification centers.  These tanks were previously used for medical oxygen applications and have been converted to CO2 following all DOT guidelines.  The DOT certification is stamped on the neck of each tank.

Note: Tank ships alone in it's own box due to unique size and weight therefore cannot ship with other parts you may order. 

Also we have included a CO2 label with this tank to assist with filling.  

Additional questions?  Check out our FAQ's or cylinder information page.  

Capacity: 7
Capacity Units: Pounds
Condition: Recertified
Material: Steel
Type: CO2